About us

over ons gezin

Josette Bierhuizen-Hermes (9-3-1973)
Serge Bierhuizen (9-3-1973)
*Purely accidental….Josette is 1.5 hours older
Jet Bierhuizen (2-12-2005)
Suus Bierhuizen (29-9-2009)

From where?

La Roche en Ardenne in Belgium (2008 tot 2016), IJhorst (2004-2008, at 25km from Diever), Bergschenhoek (1995-2004 near Rotterdam)…

Josette and Serge were born in Rotterdam and lived in Rotterdam and its surroudings until November 2014

Relationship, married?
Our relation started on October, 10 1992 and we married in Delfshaven, am, on October 2, 2004.

Family history?
Josette’s dad was a truck driver and her mother saleswoman in a clothes shop. Serge’s parents had a butcher’s shop and currently own a sculpture garden in Borculo (province of Gelderland)

Josette is nurse specialist (comparable with physician assistant) in the neonatology department of the Isala Klinieken in Zwolle.
Serge has been activity/event manager and held management positions in various kinds of catering establishments.

Together we started and managed B&B Villa le Monde in La Roche en Ardenne (Belgium) from February 2008 – December 2015. More info.

Is our passion! Except on Antarctica, we have roamed around all continents (usually with backpack). Our two daughters have visited all continents, except for Antarctica as well. We aim to pass on the atmosphere we experienced during our trips to our guests. That’s what we did in the Belgian Ardennes, and that’s what we are doing now in Diever. For this reason the 4 B&B/Apartments are called ‘Aangenaam’ followed by the name of a continent. Perhaps we might refer to more continents/other journeys in the future, when we start naming our guestrooms.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Josette, Serge, Jet and Suus Bierhuizen


About us

Josette Bierhuizen-Hermes (9-3-1973)
Serge Bierhuizen (9-3-1973)*
Jet Bierhuizen (2-12-2005)
Suus Bierhuizen (29-9-2009)

*puur toeval… Josette is 1,5 uur ouder

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Appartements, B&B Aangenaam - Olde Horst

Josette en Serge Bierhuizen

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